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Aqua Mat 2 Pasture Pump

Aqua Mat 2 Pasture Pump


Self priming device which can lift water vertically from a bore 7m deep or pumpwater horizontally from 40m. The cattle pump water as they drink and each prime dispeises 500ml of water. Suitable for up to 20 cows. Easily primed and installed and can be repositroined with ease. When this product is connected to a local watercourse it can be operated by livestock with its nose to dispense water into the bowl. This is a pasture drinker for use where there is need to prevent cows from contaminating water courses or eroding river banks. It is designed for animals with larger muzzles.
This pump is suitable for livestock.
Light to operate and therefore can be used by cattle, horses and calves.
The pump will satisfy 10-20 animals depending on the type of animal and general drinking requirements.
Not suitable for sheep or goats.
How It Works:
The water in the bowl attracts the animal to try and drink, which will quickly learn to push the level out of its way to reach the water. The act of pushing the lever aside pumps water from the water course into the bowl. When the animal finishes and pulls its head away, it will pump more water into the bowl to attract the next animal.
Connect the pump to a nearby water source using a suction hose and spring loaded non-return valve, with a screen that mets fisheries requirements.
It is advisable to weight the end of the filter down into the water course but keep it clear of the slit bed layer - so it remains submerged but not clogged. It will stand being outside in winter but is not designed for use in the frost.
It is advisable to protect the sides with some sort of fence so only 1 animal at a time can use it.
- No water refilling duty for farmers
- Reliable and sturdy
- Compact bowl and trough
- Always fresh water available for the animals
Key Features:
- 0.5L dispense with each pump action
- 1L trough capacity
- 7M vertical lift or 70M horizontal lift
- Tough trough with steel mechanism, rust and UV resistant.

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