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Copinox Ewe + Calf - 4g

Copinox Ewe + Calf - 4g


4g copper bolus for administering to calves and sheep. 250 bolus pack
The copper status of the flock or herd should be known before use. If in doubt consult your veterinary surgeon. For oral administration only.
Ewes: 1 4g capsule per ewe. For the prevention of congenital swayback the dose should be given at tupping or during first half of pregnancy. It may be advisable to administer the dose during the 2nd or 3rd month of gestation.
Calves: ruminant calves, 75-100kg bodyweight may be given 2 x 4g capsules.
Take care when dosing animals to avoid injury to the mouth and pharynx. Capsules may be administered using a suitable ball gun, taking care to avoid choking or damaging the throat. Alternatively, the capsule may be fitted to the end of a conventional liquid drenching gun. Capsules placed in the holder may be expelled by e.g. water. This helps stimulate the swallowing.
- Do not use in housed sheep or breeds of sheep known to be susceptible to copper toxicity.
- Do not use in lambs or pre-ruminant calves, in calves under 75kg bodyweight or less than 2 months old.
- Do not exceed recommended dose.
- Copper toxicity may lead to the following clinical signs: thirst, apathy, haemolytic crises, jaundice, hepatic necrosis and death.
- If signs of disease appear contact your veterinary surgeon.
- To be used at intervals of not less than 6 months.


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