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COB-I-SEL 25 Micro Bolus (250)

COB-I-SEL 25 Micro Bolus (250)


A slow release cobalt micro bolus with trace elements and multivitamins to complement the diet of lambs and ewes. Contains selenium, iodine, copper and cobalt. Provides 25 days slow release cobalt. Dosing gun also available.
Pack of 250 doses
Lambs: 1 x micro bolus
Ewes: 2 x micro bolus
Administer from five weeks of age
Lamb Benefits:
- Helps reduce the period of time an animal will be deficient for
- Cost effective supplementation period
- Supports lamb health
Ewe Benefits:
- Helps support lamb survival
- Helps support immune responses
- Supports healthy ewe condition at tupping
- Supports maximum opportunity for successful pregnancy

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