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Anti Feather Pecking Spray - 250ml

Anti Feather Pecking Spray - 250ml


Net Tex Anti Feather Pecking spray prevents biting, plucking and flesh eating in all poultry and other birds.
Cannibalism and feather pecking are a complex multifactorial behavioural problem of poultry and game birds worldwide. Predisposing factors include tensoynovitis and other diseases affecting mobility, boredom and strain of the bird. Cannibalism and feather pecking can lead to skin wounding leaving it open to bacterial infection. In severe cases this can lead to loss of blood resulting in anaemia.
- Prevents biting, plucking and cannibalism occuring as it contains an unpleasant tasting substance with a strong smell. The substance is so strong that most of the biting and plucking will stop after 1 or 2 days.
- Anti-bacterial agents have been incorporated for minor skin abrasions and will disinfect the troubled area immediately. 
Use On:
All poultry and birds.
Symptoms: pecking at feet and vents. Also pecking at the head, face and wings and feather pulling.
Isoparaffin, Denatured Ethanol, Pine Tar and Benzalkonium. 
Spray directly to affected area and repeat every 3 to 5 days until pecking has stopped.

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