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Cosecure Cattle Bolus

Cosecure Cattle Bolus

A bolus for the prevention and treatment of primary copper deficiency and deficiencies of cobalt and selenium in cattle. It provides better fertility and increased conception rates. A better immune system reduces incidence of mastitis and a properly functioning metabolism increases efficiency of utilisation. Each bolus contains Copper 13.4g, Cobalt 0.5g, Selenium 0.3g as Sodium Selenate.
Use On:
Ruminating cattle over two months of age and weighing over 100kg body weight.
Administer orally using a balling-gun which delivers the bolus into the top of the gullet. Ensure each animal has swallowed the boluses by holding the mouth closed and observing the animal for a short time.
Do not administer to non-ruminating calves or to animals weighing less than 100kg body weight.
Do not administer to sheep. Do not administer any aids to dissolution of the bolus.
2 boluses per animal.
The boluses can be given at any time e.g. to dairy cows at drying off, at calving or 30 days.
4 boluses.


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This medicine is classified POM-VPS. Murray Farmcare has suitably qualified personnel who can prescribe and dispense them.