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BI-Pill Calf Scour Bolus (20)

BI-Pill Calf Scour Bolus (20)


The first signs of calf diarrhoea are that the calves drink less. The reason for poor drinking is an accompanying acidosis. The pH-Value in the calf falls. Acidosis in new-born calves can lead to serious problems within a few hours because they drink nothing or very little and at the same time they lose a lot of liquid dung. As soon as you notice that something is wrong with the calves give them 1 Bi-PILL immediately. Bi-PILL consists of 100% sodium bicarbonate which is the same substance that the vet administers via infusion.
The complete dose looks like this: With the first signs of calf diarrhoea you give the calf 1 Bi-PILL and 1 Bi-PILL after each of the next 3 meals, a total of 4.
A combined dose of 4 Bi-PILLs ensures that the pH-Value rises and the acidosis is treated.
When you buy two packs of 20 you will recieve a free Bi-Pill Aplicator Gun.

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